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New year, new website!

Welcome everyone to my new and improved portfolio website!

I haven't updated my website in 10 years, I was beginning to feel way too guilty. I couldn't live with myself anymore!


Check out the new things!

  1. Check out my Character Design Portfolio! I want to do more character design this year. I sincerely love it and I hope I get more opportunities to be a character designer this year.

  2. Check out my new Book Library! I haven't had all the books I've worked on over the years in one single place before. This was long overdue!

  3. Join my Discord! Did you know I had a discord sever?

  4. Daydreams: Check out my solo gallery show collection! Prints, original paintings and pins, all available for purchase.

Hope you enjoy your time here! Sorry in advance as some parts of the site are still under construction. Wishing you all a lovely 2021! #update #Newtings

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