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New Online Class Available!

Introducing: Scheduling & The Freelance Lifestyle! This online class takes a deep dive into the necessary, and often overlooked, skills every freelance artist needs when it comes to managing a healthy work-life-balance, scheduling multi-project workloads and creating a daily structure that works for you, not against you!

Step 1: The Freelance Lifestyle

With more and more individuals doing freelance in recent times it is very necessary to take some time to take a hard look at what a freelance life really means with all its ups and downs. During this lesson plan I take some time to debunk common misconceptions of this lifestyle while also touching on the importance of daily routines as well as the importance of creating boundaries with Social Media as a creator.

Step 2: Understanding the Creative Process

I'm sure that, one way or another, we have all been taught the phases of the creative process. This short re-introduction to this concept is a crucial step we need to take before diving into something I have created for myself, called: " The Creative Workflow".

The concept of Creative Workflow may already exist under a different name but it is something I designed for myself in order to track my energy and productivity levels through the week.

Step 3: Learn to Work your Own Way!

During the last stage of this class I take everything we have learned and put them into action: I demo how I would personally break down my very own calendar every week by categorizing each day depending on energy or creativity levels.

I show you exactly how I would manage my own Google Calendar when scheduling projects with conflicting deadlines and I share how I always take into account mental health and daily routines and how this reflects positively on my day to day. If this is something you might be interested in, make sure to check out he link bellow!

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