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Spooky Sleuths: The Ghost Tree
Author: Natasha Deen


  • Book Cover & Jacket Illustration

  • Character Design

  • Interior B&W Illustrations


  • Random House

  • Jacket Design & Art Direction: Razzouk Monique

"Asim’s new town is freaking him out! There are weird noises at night, eerie lights, and now an evil tree that is growing way faster than it should. He’s sure there’s something supernatural going on.

His friend Rokshar believes that everything can be explained by science. But even she’s worried when the tree takes control of their teacher! It’s starting to look like an evil spirit straight out of Guyanese folklore is to blame. Can Asim and his friends save their teacher–and the town–from the ghost tree?
Find out…if you dare! It’s a new spooky series based on ghost stories from Guyana."

Release Date:  August 2023

Spooky Sleuths!

Coming to you this summer is the Spooky Sleuths book series!! ⁠

I cannot tell you how much fun I've been having with these series. I'm so fortunate Narasha Deen has trusted me to illustrate her lovely story, which are all heavily  inspired by the folklore in Guyanese culture. It is very rare when I get a story
where I can be as creepy, humorous and as creative as possible! ⁠

Spooky Sleuth is written by Natasha Deen and published by Random House.
⁠Cover Design by Razzouk Monique. ⁠



The Book Cover

A step by step look behind the process.

LissyMarlin_spookysleuths_feature1 (2).png

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