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Book Covers: Practice!

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

One of my favorite things to do in publishing is book cover design! I still have so much to learn about the craft so I've given myself my own homework.

Inspired by an Old Story!

I used to think about a little story called "Memory Keepers", inspired by another story my sister used to write back in the old days with the same title. The idea I envisioned was not the same as her story, but the words "Memory Keepers" resonated with me since that day.

During my second year of Art school I had the chance to bring that story to life into three separate portfolio pieces, which marked the first time I thought to myself " wow, I really love character design and concept art". These pieces were made around 2009~2010 but they still hold a special place in my heart.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Taking the characters and the story from that time, and inspired by the pieces above, I created an imaginary book series for Memory Keepers.

Also, did you know this story was the starting point behind my 2020 Portfolio? My next step would be to color some of these covers! Stay tunes for more homework updates! -Lissy M

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