Illustrated under the representation of Astound Illustration Agency. 2016. 

     Illustrated under the representation of Astound Illustration Agency. 2016. 

Mira Forecasts
the Future

Published by Sterling Press and written by Kell Andrews, this bright story follows Mira, a little girl who learns to tell the future by learning how to read the weather! 

As my debut picture book, Mira forecasts the Future
holds a very special place in my heart.
Please, make sure to check it out! 

character exploration

I love character design, it is one of my favorite things to do. Although not always necessary in publishing, at least not at this detailed extent, I'm glad I had the opportunity to apply my love for character design on the colorful characters of this story.
Based on 1940s, the brief called for Maddam Mirabella, a fortune teller, and Mira, a girl who wished to be like her mother.  

Book Cover

After getting to know the characters through design exploration, the book cover was the easiest to figure out. 
The art directors called for the wonderful boardwalk and amusement park feel of a very sunny summer day. 


Sadly, after the cover design was completed, the team
at Sterling decided it would be best to revisit the concept
of the boardwalk and, instead, showcase Mira's gadget for telling the weather in order to really nail in the head
the STEM feel of the story.  

Luckily, the title spread in the book fit the description perfectly and so the title design and book cover
were swapped with no complication


Interior Spreads


Thanks for reading!

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