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GoldieBlox 2013 ~ 2015

IP Development & Character Design

GoldieBlox not only proved to be one of the most challenging Jobs I ever had, it also was the most fun and rewarding experience of my career. 

During my time there I had the opportunity to "wear a lot of hats" meaning I had the chance to work with every single department and learn from the best people in the industry, from Toys to Mobiles Games and even Marketing!

The illustration style of Goldie and her friends changed many times, under the supervision of different art directors, but my role as Lead Illustrator remained the same.

Creative Roles:

  • Lead Illustrator and Character Designer for:
    Brand assets and Animation-style pitches. 


  • Concept Artist for Toys and lead artist.

  • Art Director for Mobile Games.

Want to work together?

I'm always looking for new creative opportunities!

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