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Invention Mansion 2015

Designed by Amie Zukowski and Cindy Baley, "GoldieBlox and The Invention Mansion" was perhaps one of the most challenging experiences during
my stay at GoldieBlox.

With barely any experience in toy design, I joined the team as Art Director and only Illustrator from beginning to end. From conceptualizing design theme, look and color to attending toy testing sessions and applying color feedback from kids-- I did a bit of everything! The final design included 350 corrugated cardboard pieces,
all painted and illustrated by me. 


Invention Mansion
2016 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio:

Best Toy Award (Platinum)


October Preview: Prototypes

Creating and designing prototypes for smaller toy shows, such as Fall Toy Preview show in Dallas was something I learned while working on Toys.

These shows are great places to showcase products that are in production in order to create buzz in anticipation of the highly anticipated Toy Fair in the spring.

In the early stages of Invention Mansion, the team and I worked tirelessly to create a line of prototypes that was fun, colorful and presented limitless opportunities for play by reinventing the doll-house with a STEM twist!

Photo credit @Goldieblox

Let's Make Magic!

Let's work together! I'm always looking forward to new opportunities to bring stories to life, specially if they are full of color, humor and whimsy! 

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