Toy Development

One of the most live changing experiences I had during my time at GoldieBlox was work alongside the wonderful
Toy Department. Under the leadership of John Moretti the department was lively and full of inspiration. 

invention mansion

Picture @GoldieBlox

Picture @GoldieBlox

Designed by Amie Zukowski and Cindy Baley, "GoldieBlox and The Invention Mansion" was perhaps one of the most challenging experiences during my stay at GoldieBlox. With barely any experience in toy design, I joined the team as Art Director and only Illustrator from beginning to end. From conceptualizing art design theme, look and color to attending toy testing sessions and applying color feedback from kids--I did a bit of everything! The final design included 350 corrugated cardboard pieces, all painted and illustrated by me. 

Toy concept art

After working on Invention Mansion I went on to join the team on a variety of projects as Concept Artist, 
most of which never saw the light of day! From alternative play-sets, to doll re-design, package design and more! 

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More from GoldieBlox!

My experience at GoldieBlox doesn't stop here. Check other items inside my tool-belt! 

Toy Development 

Joined the mobile team as Art Director on the Rocket Cupcake Coding App.

Character Design

Lead Artist and Character Designer for GoldieBlox and the gang! 

Graphic Design for marketting

Graphic Designer on Social Media Campaigns. 


Lead Artist for the GoldieBlox and Random House book series.