GoldieBlox: The Rocket Cupcake Co. 

Rocket Cupcake Co. is the second project I've worked on at GoldieBlox. Designed by Jenna Chalmers, this game is designed to
trick kids into learning the fundamentals of Coding with a fun story and colorful characters. On such a small development team I wore a lot of hats: From lead illustrator to U.I. Designer and Art Director. It was  a very challenging experience as I've never worked on game design before but it certainly was very rewarding. 

                           Rocket Cupcake Co. © GoldieBlox                    Illustration by Lissy Marlin                       Rocket Cupcake Co. Logo by  Brittany England

                           Rocket Cupcake Co. © GoldieBlox                    Illustration by Lissy Marlin                       Rocket Cupcake Co. Logo by Brittany England


As lead artist for the team I took on the responsibility to illustrate the colorful world of GoldieBlox! 
This expanded later on into a bigger role of Art Director working with very talented artists in a variety of assets. 

                                                                               Animation key by  Brittany England

                                                                               Animation key by Brittany England


One of the surprises of the project, for me, was the UI design of the whole app. 
The surprise being how fun it was! From attending playing sessions with kids to test feedback to
the overwhelming positive feedback from app users, this was a very rewarding experience. 

Try the app yourself!

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