I had the luck to join a talented team of creatives in Sand Francisco, CA with the hopes
of inspiring the new generation of girls into STEM fields. GoldieBlox not only proved to be one of the most challenging
Jobs I ever had, it also was the most fun and reward experiences of my career. During my time there I had the opportunity to "wear a lot of hats" meaning I had the chance to work with every single department and learn from the best people in the industry, from Toys to Mobiles Games and even Marketing!


Lead Artist

visual development / character designer

When I started at GoldieBlox, back in 2015, my primary task was to take all the lovely character designs created by Andrea Fernandez, Lynn Wang and Ed Skudder and do a style pass through all marketing assets in order to revamp the look of GoldieBlox into a more animation-style feel, following their newly released animated shorts on Youtube

After the team moved on to other opportunities and I was upgraded to Lead Artist my tasks became more generalized as my primary objective was to keep all illustrative assets cohesive across all departments over the following year.  


Character revamp

The idea of giving Goldie Blox an animation-style feel came up again during 2016. During this year the team and I explored different styles but nothing came to fruition until the talented Jennifer Rahardjanoto joined GoldieBlox as Creative Director.

Since her arrival I was appointed, under her supervision, the daunting task of revamping Goldie Blox and her gang in order to freshen up her style and bring them up to speed with the times.



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More from GoldieBlox!

My experience at GoldieBlox doesn't stop here. Check other items inside my tool-belt! 

Toy Development 

Toy Concept art and Art Direction. 

Mobile Apps

Joined the mobile team as Art Director on the Rocket Cupcake Coding App. 

Graphic Design for MARKETING

Graphic Designer on Social Media Campaigns. 


Lead Artist for the GoldieBlox and Random House book series.