GoldieBlox: Book Two

The first installment of GoldieBlox's book series happened in the middle of a major design style change at Goldieblox HQ. 

At the time, I had the task of exploring different illustration styles for Goldie Blox and the gang, therefore one of the primary challenges we faced was determining the style of the book series. This is the reason why the first sketches of the book looked radically different from the final look of the series. 

The first few passes of the cover were under the art direction of Jenna Boyd, the rest happened under the creative direction of Jennifer Raharjanoto.    

Book Details:

Brought to you by Random House and written by Stacy McAnulty, this fun GoldieBlox middle grade novel series is sure to inspire the next generation of makers!

As lead character designer for GoldieBlox I was brought
in to lead the look and feel
of the series. 


Book Cover Pass #1

Book Cover Pass #2

Interior Spreads

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