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Spooky Sleuths:
Fire in the Sky!

Author: Natasha Deen


  • Book Cover & Jacket Illustration

  • Character Design

  • Interior B&W Illustrations


  • Random House

  • Jacket Design & Art Direction: Razzouk Monique

"Asim’s friend Max is in danger! Asim is sure some sort of supernatural being—a witch, maybe?—is after Max. Rokshar, the levelheaded one of the group, thinks the woman is a scientist using kids for her experiments! Either way, Max is in trouble, and it’s up to Asim and Rokshar to keep him safe.

 But when they get close to finding answers, Asim and his friends are attacked by fireballs. Is science behind the flying fire? Or is it a witch from Guyanese folklore?

Release Date:  July 2023

Spooky Sleuths Series!


I cannot tell you how much fun I've been
having with these series. I'm so fortunate Narasha Deen has trusted me to illustrate her lovely story, which are all heavily  inspired by the folklore in Guyanese culture. It is very rare when I get a story where I can be as creepy, humorous and as creative as possible! ⁠

Spooky Sleuth is written by Natasha Deen and published by Random House.

Cover Design by Razzouk Monique. ⁠


The Book

A step by step look behind the process.

Let's Make Magic!

Let's work together! I'm always looking forward to new opportunities to bring stories to life, specially if they are full of color, humor and whimsy! 

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