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I love Comics!

I've been collecting Manga and OGN for over 15 years and, ironically, I didn't connect my love for the craft until recently. Better late than never, right!?

Original Graphic Novel

I'm excited to announce I will be working on my very first Original Graphic Novel with no other than my life-long friend Barbara Perez Marquez!
Coming to you Winter 2025. Stay tuned!


Social Media Comics

I've never been good with words, but comics allow me to share
parts of myself I've never dared talk about or acknowledge publicly.
The following are a small collections of comics
I've created for social media.


A short anecdote from my very last international trip before the
COVID Pandemic broke in 2020.

My Bubble

A small comic where I talk about my desire to step out of my comfort zone
and welcome the ability to address my feelings with more honesty.

I Hate Weekends

The biggest change in my life was getting diagnosed with
ADHD at 31 years old. This short comic was created for the ADHD awareness month in 2021 and it talks about the personal experience that lead me to seek out a diagnosis through the Pandemic.

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For opportunities in publishing, advertising, brand collaborations
& licensing
inquiries please
email my agent:

Britt Siess


For all other freelance
projects inquiries, product reviews, social media collaborations, USG opportunities, gallery shows, speaking or teaching opportunities etc. please
feel free to
email me directly.


I'm always looking for new creative opportunities!

Want to work together?

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