Ana Maria Reyes does not live in a castle


This fun middle grade novel comes from Dominican writer Hilda Eunice Burgos and published by Lee & Low.

Design by Neil Swaab 

Cover artwork by Lissy Marlin
under the representation of
Astound Illustration Agency. 

October 2018


Book Cover process

Being a Dominican myself I cannot tell you how happy I was to take on this project. "Ana Maria does not Live in a Castle" follows the story of Ana Maria, a Dominican girl living in the Bronx.

The overall art direction called for Ana Maria standing in front of her apartment complex in the Bronx. Since the writer and design team had a pretty clear art direction for the process was short and straight forward.

LnL_LM_Cover Sketch_concept.png

Thanks for reading!

 After some back and forward with the design team we landed with a composition and bold title design that truly embodied the feeling of the story. 

LnL_LissyM_Cover Color_final.png

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