Position: Lead Artist

During my three years at GoldieBlox as Lead Artist I managed to touch every department of the company from Toys, Mobile Apps to Marketing, IP Development and Animation.  

IP Development & Animated Pitches

From re-designing Goldie Blox (Hero) and re-building the illustration style of the company to developing content for various animation pitches during the years. 

Toy Development (LOCKED/Under Development - email for inquiries)

During my time at Goldieblox I had the opportunity to create Concept Art for Toys as well as join the team through entire production cycles. I was lucky to have had Art Direction experience through my time working on Invention Mansion.  

Mobile Apps

Joined the mobile team as Art Director and Lead Artist on the Rocket Cupcake Coding App. 


I've worked with the Marketing team on multiple occasions as Graphic Designer and Art Director on a number of Social Media Marketing Campaigns. 


Lead Artist for the GoldieBlox and Random House book series. Illustrator of Book 1, supporting artist of Book 2 and 3.