Best week ever

This week I made a lot of progress on En Voyage!
I work on En Voyage every day, but usually I have a job or two creeping out from the sides, which makes the workflow go a slow sometimes. However this week I was able to work on the book 24 hours a day all week. It was awesome!! An amazing feeling <3

I even managed to go to the park and sketch all day yesterday with a good friend and fellow illustrator Anne Lambelet, which was very lovely.

I also upgraded my work-space this week! I finally managed to get a Cintiq 22HD and by god I can't believe how amazing it is! how did I survive so long without it?! 

Stay tuned for an upcoming sneak peek on En Voyage! :D It's been really hard for me to not show everything I've got on one blog post, but believe me, the wait is so worth it! 

Thank you very much guys for reading! 

Have a great week!