Artsy Update

Hello Everyone! 

It's been a week since En Voyage got funded and it feels pretty great!! 

I've spent this week (and the one before) testing the waters-- trying on new materials, getting sketchbooks, Light boxes, paints, adjusting my schedule-- and I can say with confidence I've got my process figured out (Or most of it) so far.

Here is what my life will be for the next three months:

It was VERY very tough at first, but I realized I've been a lot more productive during the day/afternoon with this new schedule (I just need to work on not missing the gym >_>) 

I feel accomplished at the end of every day and I'm sure that, as long as I stick to this, I will finish En Voyage (and other jobs) in no time! :D 

Thanks for reading <3 
I hope you have a great day! :D