Embrace the cuteness: Inspiration of the month #1

Hey guys! 

Today is the last day of August! which is the perfect moment for *drums* Inspiration of the month #1! woop woop! 

★ This month I would like to feature the work of a fellow illustrator Fran Meneses (Frannerd)!! ★

 Banner of Fran's bog, which you can visit at: http://sandianerd.blogspot.com/

Banner of Fran's bog, which you can visit at: http://sandianerd.blogspot.com/

Even though we are relatively new to her work, she has inspired my best friend Cyn and I to become more creative and more thoughtful on what we do. She inspired our weekly blogging challenge and her work has motivated Cyn to go back to sketching/drawing after years of not touching a pencil at all, which I am incredibly grateful for. 

I was also able to relate to Fran immediately as she is a fellow Hispanic illustrator whom, just like me, moved to another country (in her case Germany) and has been trying to adapt to a new lifestyle as well as freelancing from home. 

Fran has a very unique style. Her work is very honest and sincere to herself-- which probably doesn't make much sense-- but in a way (to me at least), it feels like she embraced her quirkiness with her illustrations as well as the things about herself that one is usually insecure about , which makes her work even more special! 

I was also pleased to know she created a Travel Journal! which I didn't hesitate to buy at all! 
As some of you know, I'm creating a book filled with drawings and illustrations from my experiences backpacking through Europe during summer 2013. Seeing another artist doing something very similar was incredibly motivating on my end. Traveling through London and Paris through Fran's perspective was very fun! her beautiful zine "Perfect tree shapes" is available on her Etsy Shop in both Spanish and English if interested :)


Cyn and I frequent her Youtube channel, Instagram and blog (Both Spanish and English) for inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward! And I suggest you do the same! :D  

Thank you for reading <3! 
See you next week!