New things! + Blogging Challenge


After the longest time I've decided it was time to upgrade my website! Woohoo! 
Squarespace seemed like a very nice platform to build my portfolio in, so I'm giving it a try!

With a new site It seemed only fitting to ALSO upgrade my blog, but since I'm not the best at blogging I've decided to dare my best friend Cyn to join me on a blogging challenge!


The rules are very simple: we both need to update our blog at least once a week, if one of us fails to do so, the other must draw or do whatever crazy thing the other one says as punishment. 

It's going to be tough, specially because I'm a terrible writer, HOWEVER I won't be the first to lose! >8( *puts on fighting gloves* -- wish me luck! 

Thank you for reading, I'll see you guys next week! >8D